The Children’s Refuge, Inc.


Refuge Roundup 2015 Invitation


The Children’s Refuge, Inc. is a Christ-centered non-profit organization engaged in providing deserving children with a quality outdoor adventure experience; presenting the gospel to them and ultimately, winning souls and enlarging Our Father’s Kingdom.


The Children’s Refuge, Inc. was founded as a mission and ministry to assist children in learning basic hunting and fishing skills while ministering to the specific needs of both the child and their parent(s) or guardian. Posterity for the “Refuge” is accomplished by a Board of Directors comprised of Godly men and woman that ensures commitment to the program, prescribes modes of authority, and protects the stability and existence of the ministry from an administrative oversight standpoint. The Board believes that it is critical to engage children who would not otherwise have these opportunities.

On each trip, the children and the family members or guardians who accompany them, are surrounded by outdoors-minded believers. A designated Refuge “guide” accompanies each family and, together with Board Members and volunteers, facilitates their adventure experience, and loves and nurtures them through the strong personal relationships that inevitably are forged around the campfire, in the woods or on the water.

We want each child to know that they are loved and valued while gaining some sense of God’s plan for them as they grow more confident through the program and gain personal experience. The leadership and guides will be blessed with the opportunity to minister to the guest children in a setting where the “city” and all that goes with it has been removed. When a child is placed in God’s perfect wild, away from the distractions of electronic media, with an adult guide skilled in harvesting game and assisting our Father in harvesting souls, it is amazing to see how the Holy Spirit moves in these children.